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How It Works?
Several short steps
And you have a smart investment account


Getting to know you better
To plan the right investment portfolio for you,
We will ask some questions about your investment goals and preferences.
This stage is short, fast and without commitment.



Manage your money wisely

This is already our job.
Once the money is deposited in your investment account we will implement the investment policy you have chosen and make sure that the money will work for you 24/7.



be in


Your crypto assets are always in your control
Note: We will never ask to transfer your investments to us,
With us, it is very simple to be updated at any stage, from the computer or from the mobile - what your money did, what actions we performed in the portfolio, since all actions are performed in your personal trading account

Suitable for you Portfolio

We build and present you with an investment portfolio that is tailored to your preferences and goals.
To get a more complete picture, we will provide you with advanced tools to help you understand the investment offer you will receive: analysis of the composition of the proposed portfolio and historical performance to illustrate its level of risk.


How much does it costs

Transparent and fair management and success fees

We believe that you do not need to charge a high management fee to manage professional investments. Our management fees are fair, transparent, and among the lowest in the market.

Annual management fee



 Success fee (from   profits)


 Portfolio value

    3,000 - 30,000$


Annual management fee



 Success fee (from   profits)


 Portfolio value

      Over $ 3.5M

Annual management fee



 Success fee (from   profits)


 Portfolio value

    300,000 - 3M$

Annual management fee



 Success fee (from   profits)


 Portfolio value

 30,000 - 300,000$



Nice to meet you, 
we are
Splash Fintech

Investment and technology company from the Splash Group, which specializes in portfolio management. We have set ourselves the goal of making investment management smarter, accessible, transparent and simpler. All this through an advanced digital platform. We will manage the investment portfolio for you at the highest level and make your money work.

Premium service for every investor

Thanks to our advanced technology, you will get the same professionalism and the same service that we offer to large investors.

Objective management

We are committed to choosing for you, from the first moment, the best and most suitable investment products for your portfolio, without conflicts of interest.

The money stays in your account

We will manage the investments for you in any exchange you want without any need to spend or transfer funds. And of course, your money is available for withdrawal.

What we believe in

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to manage their money wisely, invest it wisely and get a return on it over time, even if he is not an investment expert and even if he does not have a close investment advisor.
Therefore, Splash Fintech offers everyone an advanced and professional investment management, but at the same time fair and accessible. We will manage your investment portfolio individually, according to your desires, needs and goals.
We will invest for you in an efficient and economical way, which will leave more in your pocket.
You will be updated 24/7, from your computer or mobile and you will receive advanced tools that will allow you to understand what exactly is happening with your money. Every day, from everywhere.
You have money. You want to invest it. Great, we're here.



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Ben gurion 139 Street, 

Israel, Bat Yam 

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